2014 Dream Team

Live Healthy Iowa will give 5 Iowans the chance of a lifetime to reach their wellness goals as part of the 2014 Dream Team! All Iowans (age 18+) were eligible to apply and among numerous qualified applicants, Live Healthy Iowa has selected 10 finalists. We're turning to our fans to choose the final 5 Dream Team members! Team members will share their journey throughout the 10 Week Wellness Challenge, with the support from team captain Shawn Johnson owner of Johnson's Elite Training. The Dream Team will inspire you while you cheer the team on to meet their health and wellness goals. Meet the 10 finalists below and vote on Live Healthy Iowa's Facebook page or by clicking the link below for who you would like to see a part of the team!


Poll Rankings as of 4 PM on Thursday, Dec. 4, 2013

1. Joe Calvert 20.61%
2. Shawnna Stiver 14.24%
3. Larry Toothman 14.15%
4. Sue Brimm 14.00%
5. Stacey Snyder 12.80%
6. Kathy Blackford 9.17%
7. Robin Norfleet 8.15%
8. Lu Anne Gafford 5.22%
9. Sonya Davis 0.94%
10. Doug Opheim 0.70%

Top 10 Dream Team Finalists:

Sue Brimm
I would love everyone to vote for me because, I want to be the positive change in my life. I want to do this for myself and for my amazing family. I want to continue to be the glue that keeps my family together. I need to be chosen as a top five finalist so I can get back to a healthy and happy me. I have 5 beautiful sons (2 are my nephews who we took into our home 5 years ago) and I want to be the healthy, happy and fun mom again. I want to get my energy back and be the mom that they are proud of and the person I am proud of. I have many people in my family who I help often. My sister-in-law suffered an aneurysm a year and a half ago and I try to help out over at her and my brothers as much as I can. I guess all in all, I would love your vote to give me the start that I need to become ME again… Happy and Healthy ME. Thank you all so much! 


Joe Calvert
Not every day does a chance come along to prove that nothing is impossible.  In July 2001, I started one such difficult journey and in October 2001 I earned the title of U.S. Marine.  Since then I have struggled with many battles, winning some and losing others.  Since Marines do not leave others behind, I want to join the 2014 Dream Team not only to conquer my own weight and health battles but to help others win their battles as well.  Semper Fi!  See you at the Finish Line!



Lu Anne Gafford
My name is Lu Anne Gafford and I turned 50 this past October.  I have been married for the past 30 years and have three children and three grandchildren.  I had been fairly active up until about a year ago and now only get a 4 mile walk in five days a week.  I used to do other things in addition to the walk (lift weights and Jazzercise), but had a foot that bothered me and kept me from being motivated to get moving again once it was better. 

I want to be a part of the Dream Team in 2014 because I want to be a healthier person and take better care of myself.  I am not on any medications or have any health issues, but do carry a few too many pounds for a person my size.  If I don’t make some changes soon, I am afraid I will become a statistic. I want to get my weight to a good number so that I can be in better shape to enjoy life, my family and to be a good example to my family and friends.  I am also a member of my employer’s Wellness Committee and feel that I can be a better representative on this if I can get myself into better health.  I want to learn from this experience to make some life changes, before life changes me!

Kathy Blackford
In the past, I have come very close to achieving my healthy weight on several occasions, but never quite succeeded.  It is my hope that being on the Dream Team will give me the extra nudge I need to drop those stubborn pounds, and provide the fundamentals and knowledge to keep them off.  Having accountability to my family, friends, co-workers and the entire state of Iowa will help keep me on track to achieve this goal.  As a single mom, I want to stay healthy and set a good example to my children, and wow my classmates at my 25th class reunion this summer.  


Sonya Davis
Please vote for me to be on the Live Healthy Iowa Dream Team! I am from Floris, IA,  a married mother of 2 children (5 and 10 years old) and I work full-time at Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa, IA.  I am 100% committed to being part of the Dream Team and making lifestyle changes to get healthy and lose weight. I need start taking better care of myself to lower my blood pressure and learn how to manage my recent diagnosis of Hypothyroidism so I can be the happy, healthy Mom that I want to be! With the support of the Dream Team I want to dump those I cannot’ s, why me's and if only's and start saying I can, I will and watch me go! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity for a chance to be on the Dream Team!


Larry Toothman
In 2013 I dropped 90 pounds, dropped from a size 48 waist to a size 38. I am diabetic & dropped from injecting insulin 5 times a day to NONE!  I have set new goals involving weight loss, size, fitness, and life in general.

Becoming a member of the 2014 Dream Team would help me make my own dream come true. I will be there for my teammates, my friends, co-workers and all of my online friends. I want to share what I have learned so far and what I will learn as part of the team. So please, vote for me!


Robin Norfleet
I love the accountability a team competition provides. Even as my goals draw closer the temptation to slack off is strong this time of year. Because I’m such a fan of Live Healthy Iowa, joining the dream team would be an honor and a privilege. Not only do the members keep each other accountable, they provide inspiration to all the LHI participants as both struggles and successes are shared throughout the challenge.  With Iowa watching I could never let my teammates down, nor would they let me down; that is very important to me. I’m a 42-year-old mom of three boys and have been married to my awesome hubby for 20 years. One of my goals is to start running again so I can join my sons in a 5K next spring. I’m also hoping to inspire my mom to improve her own health. I have enjoyed captaining several LHI challenges in the past at the University of Iowa and am eager to become a member of the LHI Dream Team!

Doug Opheim
My name is Doug Opheim.  I am an average middle-aged man -- average height, average build, and overweight -- so if I can do this, most all of you can do this.  I would like to be a member of the Dream Team for a couple reasons.  First, I’ve tried to establish healthy eating and exercise habits on my own by participating in the 10-week Wellness Challenge last year.  I failed.  Portion control isn't my strong suit.  I did lose weight, but did not develop the habits/discipline to continue the eating and exercise regimen I had started.  I've since regained all I lost.  I would like the accountability of the Dream Team and the guidance of the Dream Team Captain to help establish and maintain those habits, again.  Besides weight loss, my goal is to use the 10 weeks to train to run 5Ks.  I enjoyed those when I was younger, and it's been too many years since I've been able to do them.  Thank you for your consideration.

Shawnna Stiver
I am a 32-year-old editor who has a great job with the Iowa Bankers Association. One goal that still eludes me is feeling confident in my skin. I came close in 2012 when I lost 50 lbs. This year I started to slip back into old habits and gained 15 lbs. back, which is why I applied to be a part of this team. This is the hardest goal I’ve ever tackled but I am tired of letting this hold me back and am ready to make this a true lifestyle change once and for all.

I want people to vote for me because I represent the average person who has EVER struggled with weight. I want to be a voice for women who’ve ever looked critically at their bodies. I want them to witness my struggles and draw inspiration from this journey toward accepting our bodies and discovering a healthy lifestyle. I firmly believe that every woman is beautiful and if my story inspires just one other person to accept his/her body then it’s worth it.

Stacey Snyder
As a first-year principal and single mom of three kids, I am challenged to fix healthy meals for our active lifestyle. My entire life has been a struggle with food. While in 5th grade my mother enlisted me in Weight Watchers to lose 30 pounds to “fit in” with my peers. In June of this year I joined an Operation Transformation class with my sister and a good friend. Over the past 20 weeks we have made some amazing transformations and I have learned much. I am ready for the next step with support and resources from across Iowa! It is my hope to serve as a role model to others, particularly the children in my elementary school. In November I turned 50 and my plan is to be “fit at fifty” so that I may live another half century and watch these young people, and my own children, grow healthy and raise fit families.



Voting Rules & Regulations

Live Healthy Iowa will spotlight 5 participants, the Dream Team, throughout their journey in the 10 Week Wellness Challenge. The Live Healthy Iowa Dream Team will be selected through an application and voting process and will be provided with additional resources, such as team captain Shawn Johnson, pre and post health assessments, nutrition education, physical activity education, gym membership and a waived challenge fee. The Dream Team will share their fitness journey as Iowans cheer them on throughout the 10 Week Wellness Challenge.