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How do I start my own team?

Visit the LHI homepage, and click Join Today. If you are registering as a friends and family team, click "Submit" under the Start a Team column. If you are registering a team within a company or organization, enter your designated Group ID in the labeled box. 

How do I add a member to my team?

The team captain can add additional members by logging in to their personal dashboard. Select the myTeam tab, and click on the blue 'Add Members' button. Enter the name, email address and promotional material (LHI T-shirt Size) for your new member and click Add Additional Members.

To avoid shipping and handling charges for the 10 Week Wellness Challenge, add team members before February 10, 2014. New teams will not incurr a $8 shipping charge, only teams who add members to their roster after February 10, 2014.

What if there are 11 people who want to be on our team?

Break your team up into two teams.

i.e. one of six and one of five.

What happens if a team member quits?

If a team member quits, the captain will be able to make adjustments to your team roster, and your team can continue in the Challenge.

What if a team member does not have access to a computer or the internet?

This person can still participate on a Live Healthy Iowa team. The team captain can report this person's weight loss and/or activity minutes from their own personal team captain dashboard. It will also be the responsibility of the captain to pass the weekly tips and health information on to this participant. We recommend providing this member with a tracking sheet!

Does my team have to enter both divisions?

No, you have the option of entering the weight loss division, the accumulated minutes of activity division, or both. Please keep in mind that the entire team needs to agree on what division they are participating in.

When is the deadline for registration?

The 10 Week Wellnses Challenge begins on January 27th; we will continue to accept registrations until February 28. The final day to add a team member to your roster without incurring a $8 shipping fee is February 10.

What is a Group ID?

A Group ID is a code given to businesses, organizations and communities that want to sign up three or more teams as part of their business, organization or community wellness program/initiative. This Group ID gives an Administrator of the business, organization or community the ability to track the teams that sign up using the Group ID code.

If you would like to learn more about setting up a GroupID for your business, organization or community; please contact Live Healthy Iowa at 888-777-8881 to speak with an account representative. 

How do I sign up for my magazine?

As a paid registrant, you can sign up for a subscription of your choice upon logging on to your personal dashboard.

Click on the myDashboard tab, click 'Edit Profile', fill out the required information, and choose your magazine.

When will we receive our T-shirts?

T-shirts will begin shipping to team captains Feb. 12, 2014; it may take up to 4-6 weeks to receive your packet. Team packets will be shipped in order of registration. 

How do I change my password?

After you are registered for the Challenge by your team captain, you are automatically sent your own personal username and password in a confirmation email which allows you to log in to the LHI website.

Go to www.livehealthyiowa.org.
Click the orange LOG IN button.
Type in the username and password that you were given from your confirmation email.
If you are logging in for the first time, update your profile and select your magazine.
If you have logged in before, click on the blue text that reads 'edit profile.'
Click on the blue button labeled 'CHANGE PASSWORD', and update the password to something unique.

If you experience any difficulties, you can email info@livehealthyiowa.org or you can click on the "Forgot Password" link after you hit "LOG IN" on the home page. 

When do I record my data?

Record your progress as often as you would like throughout the challenge! All data will accumulate throughout the week and be totaled each Friday at midnight. Data is recorded on a Saturday through Friday basis. Each week of recording begins fresh on Saturdays and continues through the next Friday's data.

For example, the challenge starts on Monday, January 27. Weight loss and/or physical activity minute data recorded starting this day will be subtotaled on Friday, January 31. Data recorded on Saturday, February 1 will be subtotaled on Friday, February 7.

How do I record?

Record your progress as often as you like!

To record your progress:
- Go to www.livehealthyiowa.org, click LOG IN and enter your assigned username and password
- When logged in, click on the myTracker tab of your personal dashboard
- Enter your weight and/or activity information, and click Submit. This information can be entered as often as you like and will accumulate throughout the week in a table to the right of the data fields. 

All entered data will accumulate throughout the week and be automatically totaled each Friday at midnight. Participants may edit recorded totals if needed.  Each recording period is open for two weeks.

There is a maximum of 35 hours of recorded activity and 20 pounds of weight lost per week. 

What is a badge?


A Live Healthy badge is way to award participants for living a healthy lifestyle.

Click here for more information on Wellness Challenge badges.

Click here for more information on Nutrition Challenge badges.

Click here for more information on Lifestyle Challenge badges.

Click here for more informaiton on Steps Challenge badges.

As I complete tasks, will badges/points be automatically added to my dashboard?

In most cases, the badges will be automatically awarded when the task is completed.  However, there are several badges that will be recorded at the end of each recording period (Food badge, recording badge, weight badge and team badges).

How many points are each badge worth?

Activity Badge (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 hrs) – The points are awarded based on the activity badge awarded.  If you receive the 5 hour Activity Badge you will be awarded 5 pt.

Captain Badge – 5 points

Download Recipe Badge – 1 point

Electronic Reading Badge – 1 point

Login Badge – 5 points

Recording Badge – 5 points

Star Badge – 5 points

Video Badge – 1 point

Weight Badge – 5 points

What Live Healthy badges are available during my challenge and how can I earn badges?

Activity Badge (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 hrs) – Awarded when a participant reaches the corresponding number of activity hours.  A participant earns the 5 hour badge when they record 5 hours of activity, 10 hour badge for 10 hours of activity, etc.  A participant earns each hour badge one time. 

Captain Badge – Awarded for being the Captain of a team.

Download Recipe Badge – Awarded after participant views a recipe.

Electronic Reading Badge – Awarded after participant views an article.

Login Badge – Awarded after participant logs in for the first time.

Recording Badge – Awarded after completing weekly recording. The participant has recorded information at least ONCE during the recording period.

Star Badge – Awarded after any personal goals are entered and completed.

Video Badge – Awarded after participant views a video.

Weight Badge (5, 10, 15 and 20 pounds) – Awarded when a participant reaches the corresponding number of pounds lost.  A participant earns a Lose 5 Pounds badge when they lose 5 pounds (from their starting weight to their current weight.)

Group Activity Badge – Awarded to the participant that had the most activity on their team for the recording week.

Group Weight Lost Badge – Awarded to the participant that lost the most weight on the team for the recording week. 

Team Recording Badge – Awarded to a team when every person on the team has recorded at least once during the recording period.

How do I sync my Device/App with my Live Healthy dashboard?

Click on the myDevices/Apps tab and find your wearable device or app from the list provided.  Click on the “Add Device” button next to the device/app.  Follow the instructions on the following page to connect the device to your challenge myTracker.

Please note:  You will need to log into your dashboard in order for the device data to connect to the myTracker page.  Please allow 24 – 48 hrs after you first sync your device for the data to load into the system.

How many badges/points can I earn during the challenge?

There is no limit to the amount of badges you can earn!

How often does my device information sync?

Information from your device/app will sync each time you log into your dashboard. It is important to note, that you MUST log into your Live Healthy dashboard in order for the device information to be added to your challenge.  Please remember that the Live Healthy website is not pulling data directly from your device, but from the device website.  We suggest syncing your device with the device website often.

What Are Badge Points?

Each badge is associated with a number of points.  When awarded a badge, you will also receive badge points that display on your dashboard.

What Devices and Apps can I sync with my Live Healthy dashboard?

The following devices and apps are currently available to sync:



Jawbone UP

Moves App

Omron Fitness


Garmin Fit

Nike +

Map My Fitness

Map My Run

Map My Walk

Map My Ride

Map My Tri

Map My Hike


A participant may only sync one device/app to their Live Healthy account at a time.

What information will sync from my Device/App to the Live Healthy website?

The Live Healthy website will pull steps and activity minutes only from a device or app.  Calories burned and other information will not be transferred to the Live Healthy website.